What Is a Data Marketing Analyst and Do I Need One?

A data marketing analyst is a numbers magician who takes hundreds of points of data about your customers and makes sense of it all.

We know knowledge is power, so we are constantly collecting data on our customers. We gather things like birthdays, addresses, web searches, and purchases, and it all adds up to an overwhelming amount of information. Information that is useless unless you have someone who can interpret it. 

In comes the analysts who not only understand all the data about your customers but who also break it down into groups, patterns, and trends for you to act on. They are the ones who can identify who your best customers are and what they like.

So do you need a data marketing analyst? Yes. You definitely want one of these wizards on your team. When your customer data has meaning, you have the power to target the right people for your business and to increase your sales.

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