Meet AMP

At Analytic Marketing Partners, we are dedicated to bringing value to your business. We believe all marketing should be measurable and not a guessing game. More than 50% of the largest corporations in America do not use campaign metrics nor do they modify or terminate under-performing campaigns. Without goals, you achieve nothing. Without measurement, there is no accountability.

We want your marketing campaigns to be wildly successful and for you to know exactly why they are working. Our team is dedicated to helping you identify your best candidates, understand who they are, and measure your success.

Meet the Team

Steve Godwin

Steve is President of Analytic Marketing Partners. He has authored several analytics tools including MicroModeling at AMP. Steve has worked with national data compilers to test and implement many new products and has extensive experience in working with national companies to educate marketers in profitable marketing and to redefine goals and objectives. Previous experience includes serving as Senior Director of Data Analytics & Modeling at SourceLink, President of DataMarketing Network and Manager of General Services at Lifeway Christian Resources.

Scott Travis

Scott serves as Vice President of Analytics and Modeling at AMP. He has tremendous experience in consumer-based marketing and has led teams of analysts to develop modeling insights and campaign data for direct marketing efforts. Scott previously served as Senior Analyst of Customer Intelligence at SourceLink and before that he was the Senior Database Analyst at Service Merchandise.

Noel Hendley

Noel serves as the Vice President of Sales at AMP. He has spent his entire career in Business Development with a demonstrated history of helping clients achieve their goals for over 30 years. He builds strategies designed to increase results and reduce costs using a consultative approach to determine the best way to meet the client’s goals and objectives. As a direct marketing professional, Noel has expertise with a variety of verticals including insurance and financial services, retail, travel, real estate, casinos, higher education, non-profits and many others. His primary success in analytics is in Customer Acquisition, Retention and Growth. Prior to joining AMP, Noel was Director of Business Development with SourceLink, Account Executive with Harland Clarke and Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch.

Kurt Costanzo

Kurt joined AMP in 2015 as the Senior Director of Data Analytics. With over 12 years of experience in consumer based marketing and analytics, Kurt has proven time and again his abilities to create unique analytics solutions for the customers we serve. Before joining AMP, Kurt was the Manager of Data Analytics and Reporting for Ob Hospitalist Group where he led a team of analysts to manage the company’s data warehouse. Previous to that he spent 7 years at SourceLink as a senior analyst on the Customer Intelligence team creating models and building automated solutions for direct marketing clients.

Kaleigh Unger

Kaleigh joined AMP as an analyst in 2016. She brings over a decade of experience in analytics spanning multiple industries, including insurance, finance, and marketing. She stays up-to-date on marketing trends and works hard on creative solutions that produce results. When she is not cranking out results for our partners, you might find her spending time with her family and dogs or using her problem-solving skills to find ways to contribute to her community.