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Proprietary Analytical Products

Statistical Services to Amplify Your Direct Marketing Results!!

VFS Score Card Analysis

Analyze the strongest and weakest cells of any mail file
Analyze your data across more than 400 files with up to 9 subcategories to select the very best data for your Direct Marketing initiatives. Establish benchmarks required and eliminate waste at the same time!




A Model for every location
One model is never enough. MicroModeling takes each footprint, market or region and creates a unique model for each one inside of a single process. This gives you the advantage of dealing with demographics, socioeconomics and behavioral information at the local level. MicroModeling even analyzes traffic patterns or significant points of origin for each location.



Marketing Analytics

Give your company an advantage over the competition with the database analysis and marketing resources from Analytic Marketing Partners. Our company is dedicated to helping you succeed in today's competitive market. Contact us today to learn more about the various services we offer our clients.

Analytical Services

You will achieve a higher Return On Marketing Investment through optimized marketing efforts, cost per acquisition, and meeting strategic goals using AMP's proprietary statistical methods and interactive marketing tools.

Marketing Data Services

AMP specializes in providing National Consumer Files, Direct Mail Response Files, Weekly New Movers, Spatial Data and Demographic Appending services.

  • Direct Mail Response Files
  • Special Data Appending
  • Phone Appending & Reverse Phone Appending
  • Drive Time Calculations
  • National "Do Not Call" Screening
  • Email Appending & Reverse Email Appending
  • Address GEO Coding
  • Data Transformation
  • Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
  • Digital Mapping
  • Distance Calculations

Learn how you can save money and at the same time increase campaign results 25% or more with AMP's proprietary VFS process!!


Dashboard Analytics

Interactive Dashboard Reporting - Model Decision Support - Customer Insights - Campaign Calculations

Track your results

Measure what works best and what to quit doing

Refine your marketing campaigns

Execute and repeat the process

AMP - Always Measure Performance

Proprietary Data - Dynamic MicroModeling - Measurable Results

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