Our Process

Let us AMP it up for you!

Algorithmic Matching Process (AMP) is our custom 18 step process for post-campaign response processing. Eliminate speculation and educated guessing when it comes to measuring your direct mail performance. AMP processing can provide a superior level of accuracy and confidence to your response analysis. The result is comprehensive response measurement that will help accurately direct your future marketing dollars to the most profitable lists and channels.

How it works

AMP Processing begins by standardizing both the mail and respective customer data. Data preparations include a rigorous cleansing process to ensure all data is standardized. Afterward, data is processed through the 18 step AMP matching engine. AMP matching technology processes data through a hierarchical structure of matching logic. Results include matches to all logic levels which can be reviewed and customized to a variety of confidence intervals. Once match processing is complete, reports are generated which can be can be customized to suit your needs.

What does this mean to you?

In today's marketplace, response may come from many channels including mail, catalog, telemarketing, retail, email, internet, and others. Given the potential complexity of response, proper tracking and source identification are vital to thoroughly understanding a campaign's success. AMP Processing eliminates the guesswork and dynamically processes matches in light of potentially numerous response sources.

In addition, AMP's straight-forward reporting minimizes the time required to analyze a campaign's success and thus provide faster answers to your marketing questions. AMP's matching process will provide a truer response rate of your campaign across any number of offers and marketing channels. With these detailed results, AMP can provide key strategic information that can be used to maximize ROI on future campaigns.

Why AMP?

AMP is a recognized industry leader with a passion to provide expert guidance and services to help our clients achieve exceptional results. AMP is known for cutting-edge solutions such as AMP Processing and MicroModeling. For more information on how the right tools can transform your business, contact AMP today.