Was My Marketing Campaign Successful?

The most important question in marketing is did it work? Was my campaign successful? Did we choose the right channels? Did we reach our target audience? If you are unable to prove success, you may have budget cuts, lose a client, or even face layoffs. 

Knowing whether or not your campaign worked is critical. As you start gathering data, be sure to avoid this common mistake. Many people will gather the data results from various channels of marketing such as TV, radio, direct mail, email, digital displays, and social media and look at the data separately. 

The problem is if you’re only looking at sections of the data, you are not seeing how the campaign did overall. You need to know how the customer is finding you, making decisions, and ultimately buying your product. By not looking at the whole picture, you might misread the data and misunderstand which marketing channels are being effective for you. 

Aggregate level marketing helps you measure the impact of your campaign across multiple channels together, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers. In order to do this, it’s important to set up testing correctly, so you understand exactly what is and is not working.

At AMP, we believe you should know how your marketing is performing and whether or not you are reaching your target audience. If you would like to discuss successful testing in more detail, give us a call.